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So you’re thinking of buying an electric bike? Congratulations you are about to experience a life changing moment. An Ebike is one of the best products you can buy for yourself. It will transform what you can do with a bicycle. You will ride more, ride further and get to your destination quicker.

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When choosing an electric mountain bike, the Motor and battery are definitely the most important component to understand as it will generally be the differentiating factor when it comes to weight, price and how the bike feels to ride.

Our dual suspension electric mountain bikes are quite heavy when compared with a regular dual-suspension mountain bike, most models weigh in around 20-25kgs.

There’s nothing better than owning an electric bike you can take out for a ride without the issue of having to find a car spot or having to walk to your train or bus station! Our range of e-bikes are made with high quality parts and we ensure a high level of customer satisfaction on all of our products.

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